Welcome to Science Pit, my personal blog – my name is Emina, and I’m a Molecular Biologist. My thesis focused on neuroscience; I investigated the spread of tau proteins in rat brains. I am currently looking for a PhD position. Another aspect of science that I’m really interested in is science communications; my goal is to help make science/biology easily understandable to everyone and to also motivate the youngest to study and actively pursue careers in STEM.

For more educational materials, follow me on my Instagram profile, where I share short reels about topics in neuroscience and cancer biology, as well as more studying tips & tricks!
(Pictured: Araneus diadematus – cross spider; taken in the Žumberak mountains)

My favourite hobbies are speleology and writing; I’m only a novice caver, but I really enjoy it – there is something truly special in spending time in nature, breathing that distinct cave air. As for writing, it was important to me since I was a child; I like to explore different writing styles and storylines. I also like photography, reading, and playing lacrosse.

On this blog, I mostly write about various topics in Biology, some studying advice, travelling for meetings, but also some subject matters tangentially related to STEM that I feel passionate about. I hope you will find something interesting and educational here!

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What to do after graduating? I often asked myself that question during my last year, and some of you might ask yourself the same. Getting employed immediately would be ideal, of course, but I was aware that would be almost impossible. Mindlessly scrolling through my LinkedIn feed in breaks from writing my Master’s thesis, I…

How to land a P.hD. interview

As many of you probably already know, I successfully graduated in November last year. After that, I have been working for four months in a laboratory in Graz on a scholarship (I will post all about that soon!) and I have also been religiously applying to various positions, both in academia and industry. In March,…