Where have I been? A short update.

Dear followers, readers,

I wanted to write a short post explaining my prolonged absence from both my blog and my social media. In two words, I’m struggling.

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with my health for years already and I will for more to come. There is always something, but lately, I’ve been slowly but surely heading for another flare-up. By itself, that might not sound as scary, but coupled with persistent insomnia and an utter lack of energy, I feel like I’m heading for a bed-ridden, if not a hospital-bound, disaster. See, I can’t really keep still: always reading, writing, learning, exploring, trying. It’s hard to do any of that with constant pain and burning in my joints or in a sleep-deprived haze.

I could actually go on, but I am writing this post not to complain but to explain. I didn’t want to share any of this previously, and definitely not consistently because then I would surely feel like a complainer and I understand following someone who only talks about undersides of their health gets really tired really fast. And in my opinion, social media should be an escape from reality, not a constant reminder of the grim world.

I did indeed have short bursts of energy, during which I either planned or even started to write something; however, finishing it proved a bit more demanding of my body than I anticipated. I’ve just been so slow with everything. I asked for help the moment I exhibited serious difficulties but recuperation takes time. I hope I’ll be able to continue posting content soon.

Thank you for your support and kind messages,

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