2019 – my year in a review

Hello everyone and welcome to my last post in this year!

Since the beginning of the year, I wrote 20 posts (not great, not terrible), I posted many tweets and instagram posts, and, most importantly, learned many new things outside of the internet domain. Of course, I had bigger plans for my blog, but I will honestly admit that, with all the work on my Master’s, I quickly got discouraged, since it seems, at least to me, that not many people are interested in my blog, or reading in general. Perhaps I’m simply boring!

Peruča lake

So, before jumping in the review, I would like to thank you, each and every one of you, dear readers, who read what I write and leave comments and suggestions on my posts. It means a lot to be seen, and even more that you took some time out of your day in order to read something I wrote. I hope you enjoyed my posts, and you will continue to enjoy them in 2020!

Cetonia aurata (rose chafer)

What I did in 2019? For the blog, not much, apart from buying fancy name domain. I did document some of my adventures, mainly visits to various caves and travelling. Looking back, I wish I focused more on explaining how to travel on a student budget. Would that be something you’d read about? What I’m really proud about, is my 10 days trip to camp in Slovenia – it’s the longest camp I was a part of, and I enjoyed it a lot. I am also really happy that I finally managed to travel this year.
In academia, I haven’t published anything but articles in Croatian student journal that popularizes biology (full disclosure: I’m also editor-in-chief), but I learned so much; I’m studying about computational biology and R language. I’ve also started my Master thesis researching Alzheimer’s disease in mouse models (spoiler alert: A LOT of immunohistochemistry). I did quite a lot for my extracurricular activities – new edition of In Vivo journal is about to be published, I started BIOcast – a biological podcast where I interview professors and students from my Department, I was busy editing articles for Gyrus Journal (student journal of neuroscience), visited some conferences, and helped in the organization of NeuRi – Student Congress of Neuroscience.

And that’s pretty much that – I started reading a bit, but I’m having hard time concentrating, and I also spent quite some time in hospitals, but that’s a story for another time. My goals in 2020 are to finish my Masters and have more discipline regarding studying, but also to have more hobbies I can turn to in order to relax more. What about you? Are you happy with how 2019 went? What is your biggest goal in 2020? 🙂

P.s. All the photos are from the very first post I wrote, that I have since deleted.
Field course in 2017, in Dalmatia, mainly around Knin.


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