Lacrosse clinic in Slovenia!

Note: I’ve started writing this post in early August, but got tangled in exams.

Hii everyone, and apologies for not posting anything for such long time. However, I hope I will have plenty of time to post regulary now 🙂

Today, I would like to share a weekend adventure with you; from 12th to 14th July, Bruno & me went to Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, for me to attend lacrosse clinic! As some of you might know, I have a women’s lacrosse stick and would like to train, but there are no clubs (or coaches) in Croatia. However, in Ljubljana there is a girls team named Olimpija, which organized the clinic.

Black water bottle and passport holder; picture taken in a train.
Travelling essentials: water bottle & a passport

Friday, 12th of July

Our journey started early in the morning, with our train departing for Ljubljana at 7 am. This was the first time I have ever crossed the border while traveling by train, and I was excited to see how it looks like (to the ones confused – Croatia is a part of the European Union, which means we can use only ID to cross to other EU countries, but we are not part of the Schengen yet, so there are border controls when going to Slovenia). Also, the ticket was really cheap – only 9€ for one way trip! So, if you want to visit Ljubljana, or destinations like Vienna, Budapest, Munich, I recommend you check out the special tickets Croatian railroad is offering.

The train trip was comfortable and relatively fast (2 and a half hours, with couple of stops). Most of the time I was reading Dracula, the dreaded book I am reading for almost a year, and still have 100 pages to go… Anyway, after we and our big backpacks came to main train station in Ljubljana, we marched to McDonalds which is in the train station building. Solid breakfast, then Bruno got us a map of the city in the information centre, and we went off exploring.

(I would just like to point out that there is a possibility of leaving your luggage at the station, prices range from 3€ to 7€, depending on the locker size.)

I visited Ljubljana once before, and didn’t have the chance to see the famous dragon bridge, so we headed that way, in a typical touristy manner. Ljubljana is visibly smaller than Zagreb; there are no trams, only buses. I was also impressed by the lack of public parking fields – they are replaced by garages. And the main difference are larger number of parks and similar green surfaces, which are places of meeting and resting.

After taking mandatory pictures, we decided to walk towards the city centre. Naturally, we chose to walk next to the Ljubljana river, a popular tourist walking path. I also noticed that electric scooters were all the jazz, among the tourists and locals alike. Ljubljana is a very beautiful city, and I could not resist taking pictures at any corner! For lunch, we went to HIIT wok, on Čopova street – the prices for the wok we ordered weren’t exactly student friendly, but the portions were big, and you could personalize every part of the meal, from noodles to extras. Afterwards, we went to our place of stay, which was located close to Tivoli park. We freshened up, changed our clothes and went to my first practice! I was very excited, and our first day was just catching and passing, getting to know each other, and simply hanging out in a park near the Congress Square.

Saturday, 13th of July

Second day was very similar to the first, practice in Tivoli park and afterwards walking around Ljubljana. We also switched our place of staying to student dorm, which is located a bit further from the city centre. The practice was a typical practice, and I followed it to the best of my abilities, but honestly couldn’t keep up anymore at the end. I did learn a lot; new techniques, ways to control the ball, how to lead a practice… After this training, we went to already mentioned student dorm to settle and change clothes, and then went, slowly, to the centre. Accidentally, we stumbled upon ancient Roman ruins (Ljubljana’s Roman name was Emona). As you may know, both Slovenia and Croatia are full of similar remains, since they were under Roman control for centuries, and I’m honestly a bit obsessed with them. After taking couple of pictures, we went straight to the centre and to the burger place. This very morning, we ate “breakfast” at Lars & Sven, a popular Slovenian burger place. I really like this restaurant, and they also offer a 5€ student menu, which consists of a burger, fries, and a soda (and this menu is enough for me). However, for dinner, we went to Hood burgers, a neat retro place with a bit greasier burgers and great shakes. If I remember correctly, for less than 10€ I ate more than I needed, so I would recommend this place as well.

Ljubljana centre is, and I can’t stress this enough, really nice.  There is a walking trail next to the river, some street vendors, and nice atmosphere. The city itself is also very clean, and there are recycling bins on every corner.  The next day was uneventful, since it was only a journey back to Zagreb, but I was already planning a return trip, which was to happen in 3 days.

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